Maryland Store Promotions

Buffalo Chicken Bonaza!

Buffalo Chicken Bonanza!

  • Your favorite flavor!
  • Buffalo Chicken Wraps
  • Buffalo Chicken Hoagies
  • Buffalo Chicken Paninis
  • Coming Soon – Buffalo Chicken Bagel Melts!

Panini Days

Panini Days

  • Our Paninis are REAL Paninis!
  • Made on a REAL Panini Press!
  • Virtually anything you want on it!
  • Authentic Italian Panini Bread!
  • Build your own at the deli kiosk. Just hit the Panini Button and start building!

ICEE Coldest Drink in Town

ICEE Coldest Drink in Town

  • You asked for it!
  • Now you have it!
  • Cold months? So what!
  • Nothing says summertime like ICEE (even if it is winter!)
  • Four flavors to choose from!


Gallop in for a Giddy Up!

Gallop in for a Giddy Up!

  • Gallop, run, walk… it doesn’t matter!
  • Biscuits, Bagel, Croissants
  • Muffins or Potato Rolls
  • Regular Giddy-Up or Giddy-Up XL
  • Pick your pleasure – you’ll love it.

555 Frenzy

555 Frenzy!

  • A special 12″ hoagie for $5.55 + tax!
  • Our “5-5-5 Frenzy” Feature 12″ Hoagie changes EVERY Monday morning!
  • Fresh bread, freshly cut vegetables, freshly sliced meat and cheese.

Fresh Fruit Smoothies

These delicious treats come in 16 ounces of mouth watering and refreshingly tasty combination of fresh fruit, vanilla yogurt and almond milk. All of the ingredients are mixed right in front of you – fresh! We have four flavors – or Build Your Own! You’ll be glad you did

100% Angus Beef Burgers

  • You love our burgers!
  • Build Your Own Burger!
  • The Reuben Burger, The Hawaiian Burger,
  • The Mexican and the Western Burger,
  • Your favorite – The Bacon Cheeseburger!

Chicken Biscuit Kiosk Graphic

The New GOLD STANDARD in Breakfast!

  • Check out your new favorite! Wrapped in GOLD!
  • Get it the way you like it!
  • Check out our new expanded line-up of fresh chicken items!

Everyday Specials

  • Powerade 32 oz. 2/$2.50
  • 20 oz. Aquafina 2/$2
  • NEW Monster Hydro 16.9 oz. 2/$4
  • Rockstar 16 oz. Energy Drinks 2/$3
  • Monster Energy 16 oz. 2/$4
  • 12 oz. Red Bull 2/$5.33
  • 18.5 oz. Gold Peak Tea 2/$3
  • Starbucks Double Shot 2/$5
  • Coca Cola 24 oz. Soda 2/$3
  • 28 oz. Gatorade 2/$4