App FAQ’s

How do I enroll?

Simply go to the Apple App Store or the Android App Store and download – it’s FREE! Search for LANDHOPE REWARDS.

When I enroll, it asks for my age. Does that mean I won’t be carded anymore for age-restricted purchases?

Absolutely not. The app is not used for identification purposes and we take age-restricted purchases very seriously. We will ID anyone making those purchases according to the law.

I prefer not to see tobacco or lottery offers. How do I turn those off?

When you enroll, you have the opportunity to turn those offers off. If you accidentally don’t turn them off, go into your settings and you can adjust it there under your profile.

What deals are available?

We offer fuel rollback deals as well as various “clubs” and offers to earn FREE products. You can click on REWARDS within the app to see what is available (under ALL REWARDS) and how close you are to earning free products (under MY REWARDS) at any time.

Where do I see the fuel rollback rewards?

You can see the fuel rollback offerings under DEALS on your home screen. We will be changing the ways and the amount of savings to keep things exciting! When you earn them, you will see these fuel rollbacks move over to your REWARDS.

How does the associate know I am a LANDHOPE REWARDS MEMBER?

For you to get credit for your purchases, you need to scan your Mobile ID any time during the transaction. The associate will scan it for you and your loyalty information will print on your receipt.

How soon can I use my fuel rewards?

Immediately! After your transaction is completed, simply look at your app again and you’ll see it there.

I can’t scan my mobile ID at the fuel dispenser – how do I redeem?

At the fuel dispenser, simply press the LOYALTY button. You will enter the phone number associated with your rewards profile. It will then ask you for payment information (just like normal). When you get to that point – you will see the prices roll back using all of your rewards! Select your grade of fuel and save!

I don’t use credit or debit at the pump. How do I pay with cash and still use my rollback rewards?

Since all of our dispensers are prepay or pay-at-the-pump, simply prepay inside with an associate. When you get back to the dispenser, put your loyalty number in and you’ll see those savings appear!

How many gallons can I get at the reduced cost?

Each of our deals are maxed out at 12 gallons. When you hit 12 gallons, the pump will stop automatically. There is no technology available for us to change the price midway through your fill-up, so you’ll have to start again if you didn’t quite fill your tank.

How long do I have to use my rewards?

Each fuel deal expires 30 days from the date you made your qualifying purchase. Don’t lose out – there is no way to get those back!

I want to save all of my rewards. Can I do that?

You sure can. You don’t have to use them at the pump. Simply do not enter your loyalty number in at the dispenser when you purchase fuel. If you do, the program will use ALL of your rollback rewards on that single purchase. So, if you’re saving them (but going to use within 30 days), don’t enter your rewards number.

I have $.50 a gallon saved, but I only want to use $.10 off on this purchase. Can I do that?

Unfortunately no. In order for us to help make sure that our customers are getting all of their rewards and to help them not expire (we all forget sometimes!), the dispenser will use all $.50 of your earned rewards on that single purchase. Make sure you have enough room in your tank to get all 12 gallons!!

Can I pay with the Landhope Rewards App?

Not yet. We are going to be growing this rewards program based on customer feedback and that is one capability we are working on implementing. We want to make our app the most user-friendly and rewarding mobile app in the area.

I have ideas for your app. How can I let you know?

We love hearing from our customers! You can always tell one of our associates or the store manager of your idea and the developers will definitely get the message. You can also go into SETTINGS on the app and you will see “Rate our App” – let us know what you think and send us your ideas there.

If you love e-mail, you can always e-mail us at and we’ll get back to you.